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Branding Bonanza Desserts: The Benefits That Make Branding Worth The Hassle


Create a tone, an image and a thought in consumers’ minds for your business by using branding. These are the benefits that keep on giving back to you. Make a memory last in consumers’ minds in this article, Branding Bonanza Desserts, that provides examples of marketing successes in Naples, Florida.

What Desserts Can Branding Serve Up?

  • Lasting Impressions
  • Creates Client Stability
  • Brighter Future Opportunities


Lasting Impressions – How to Make Them
Creating a lasting impression is dependent on how a business’s branding plan attacks the challenge of creating standards for email signatures, customer service, logo and business name usage and the creation of tag lines. Branding also develops advertising design standards.

Nike is the perfect example of using branding to create a lasting impression. The company started out of the back of the trunk of its owners selling “tiger” shoes from Japan and is now considered the most recognized brand. It is also a Fortune 500 company.

Its unilateral ability to attract across color lines, country lines and athletic lines (pro versus amateur) has allowed Nike to attract professional athletes to vouch for its products. The brand owes its simple, BONANZAJP focused messaging, “Just Sports”, for telling consumers why Nike is the top choice.

Create a lasting impression with a simple advertising message. Stop trying to cram every marketing keyword into your print or online advertising. Write for the consumer and use Nike as a guide.

Use Branding to Create Client Stability
Turn a running crowd into a reliable group of loyal customers. A quick example from Naples, Florida is Iberia Bank, which in November 2009 took over failed Orion Bank after a dominant CEO led Orion bank into risky loans. The local news and community questioned whether the bank takeover would keep customers for the new bank, Iberia Bank.

Stock holders lost untold millions. On the Monday following the takeover, customers were ready to run out of fear their deposits were compromised. Orion employees, now Iberia Bank employees, assured customers deposits were secure backed by the FDIC and employees too had lost money. They assured customers Iberia Bank would restore integrity to the operations, so many customers waited to see the changes.

How did Iberia Bank keep customers that were ready to run to a new bank? The new bank got involved in the community very quickly. Advertising aside, the bank focused its efforts on community support enabling consumers to believe this time around someone was in charge who really is on their side. Nearly all customers stayed with Iberia Bank.

Branding and strategic marketing, whether in Naples, Fla. or in Europe, is more than advertising and logo placement. Strategic marketing should include a goal for helping a community all while promoting a company’s brand through business partnerships, community sponsorships and other opportunities just like the Iberia Bank case.


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