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Concrete Cleaning


Concrete cleaning can involve many different parts of the exterior of your home. Most people will immediately think this is just for their driveway. In reality, there are many parts of your house that have concrete that can really be effective ascetically by getting it professionally cleaned. Some of the areas beyond your driveway that can use this type of cleaning are your walk ways, any type of sidewalks that exist in front of your home, any type of stone work done on your home, and any masonry walls on your property.

This cleaning process is done by using high powered pressure washers. These highly pressured hoses can simply use water to completely clean your concrete. For areas that are extra stained and dirty, some chemicals might be used as well. These chemicals are safe for the environment and not harmful to people. They are simply there to make your concrete and brick around your home look brand new. This type of cleaning can really change the appearance of your home.

Over time, your stone, concrete, and brick around and on your home will become stained by the elements of weather and nature. Instead of leaving this unattractive look on your home, it is easy to call in a professional to have this service done. You will receive a free estimate to the work at hand, and this process is almost always done in one day.

If you have a brick home that is badly stained, don’t worry, because the same process that is used on your walkways and Concrete Driveways Cary NC driveway can also be used on the side of your home. This will not damage any of the bricks and will literally make your home look brand new.

Something that is gaining popularity is to paint concrete floors in garages, and even unfinished basements. The first step of this new trend though is to properly clean the surface. You can have your pressure washing company come in and clean your garage floor while they clean your driveway. This will make sure that the surface you are applying paint to is professionally cleaned.

The best thing to do to prevent your concrete and brick surfaces from being overtaken by stains is to have them cleaned periodically. Twice a year will keep all of these surfaces looking fresh, and will save you money from having a very hard job for the pressure washing company to perform.


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