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Contact Solo Ads and Email Marketing – Is Their Efficacy to Increase Traffic Arguable?


Solo Ad Emails are with no doubt a most wanted email marketing tool when it comes to internet promotion and increase traffic. But, there may be people out there that can put their success In Question. I must say these people at some point may have made some minimal mistake to be so disappointed with what I considered possibly if not the best, one of the best targeted internet marketing formats.

In order for a solo ad to be  classified free ads efficient and successful, many aspects have to be taken into account. First, you must do your research clearly. There are LOTS of websites that sell email solo ads, if they are free, affordable, or expensive, the web is saturated with advertisers providing you the best email solo ads plans in order to get you to purchase. The power is in your hands. Before you even choose where to get your ad from you must have selected your niche. You should avoid to buy random email solo ads to people who basically do not care to read what you have to sell. In addition to selecting targeted solo ads, you must try to obtain contact solo ads that are sent to contact email addresses. Why? Simple, people doing business online will frequently have more than one email address, one as their contact the other one to receive all of their bulk mail to which will usually, be unseen. By purchasing contact solo ads, you are assured the ad is being sent to the contact email of the person therefore assuring you that a real person will be getting the ad.

Once you have a niche and have researched different formats of email solo ads and companies then you need to write a GOOD, Compelling solo ad. I can not stress enough the importance of having a good ad copy, with good content that appeals to the potential client and makes them want to see more. Keep in mind, time is money, therefore your email solo ads must be concise, direct to the point. It is OK to elaborate on a catchy phrase but do not saturate. Also to your ad being short it must be sweet. You must appeal to the prospect. Make them identify with you, with a situation you went through, and how you resolved the problem with the help of the product, service or program you are offering them.

Be convincing but do not saturate. People hate false promises that your product/site or service will make them millionaires in days. Unless they win the lotto, that is impossible. Bill Gates did not become a rich in a year, nonetheless a few weeks. So keep it real!!! People value integrity and they will trust you more and will be more ready to see what you have to sell. After writing your ad copy, select a headline or subject line. Although a lot of internet marketers I have come across prefer to do this first, I write it at the end. Why? It is much easier to select a convincing and memorable subjectline from your ad content that can capture someones interest, than writing a great ad to a maybe not so good subjectline. Certainly everyone is different, but believe me, this way has never failed. Once you have written a winning solo ad and chosen the best catchy subjectline, buy the email ad campaign that best suits your budget and fulfills your requirements. Keep in mind, targeted, contact email addresses are a must if you want your solo ad to have success.

Finally, lastly and most importantly, do not lose hope. It has been proven, not just in internet advertising but advertising in general, that it takes people about seven views of an ad to make a purchase. I know it sounds tiresome and you can get impatient, but hard work and persistence are key factors in success. Just take some time, turn on the TV for a while and count how many times you see ads of different products. I am sure in 4 hours you will see ads for the same product many. With practice and time your email marketing results will not only get better but you will also increase traffic. Do not get discouraged, and good luck!

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