England v Portugal Spread Betting Preview Part II

Although the boy wonder Rooney had the lowest possession of any England player at just 84.5 seconds, he looks ready to start scoring. With his Goal Minutes priced up at 14 to 17, you’d expect to see plenty of punters betting high at 17 minutes. Lampard may have missed an impressive 18 shots so far, but he’s doing something right to have had so many goes and England’s top scorer in the qualifiers has got to get lucky sooner or later; he is available at 11 to 14 minutes. Even though Pauleta has been quiet by his standards (many tipped him for the Golden Boot), his spread of 10 to 13 also looks tempting. 먹튀폴리스 먹튀검증업체 

Bookings are likely to figure prominently in the betting as well. So far, there has been an average of 5.6 yellow cards per match across the tournament. England have been given seven cards over four matches, whereas Portugal have an impressive 18. Although this includes nine cards earned in their very negative match against Holland, a “grudge” match like this could get feisty. Sporting Index has a price of 68 to 72 points on their Bookings market (10 points for a yellow card, 25 for red). Having seen Portugal v Holland settle at 220 points (four red and 16 yellow cards), there won’t be many punters betting low on Saturday.

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