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How to Generate Cash From Your Car

Start a Carpool Service in Your Neighborhood

A carpool is a great way to attract attention to your neighbors. You just have to become clear that your carpool is not a free service. Another thing is that you might want to focus your service in a specific target market- such as, the kids on your block that go to the same junk car buyers pre-school or elementary school.

You can make arrangements with their parents and propose your business to them. Parents who are extremely busy will most likely get your carpooling services. They are always chasing time. Taking this task of their backs will be a huge favor to them.

Rent your car

If you have an extra car or your other family members seldom use them, you can put them up for rental. Car rental services is not a hit business in your neighborhood, but you can always trust tourists to become needing cars for rent. That’s where you enter.

You just have to lay out some solid rules in the care of your car when other people rent it from you. If possible, draft an agreement where the person renting the car can sign and have your confidence. Other people might not care for your car as much as you do. Just be careful.

Sell your vehicle as a second-hand car

If your car is already old, but still has a good engine, you can sell it to a second-hand car shop. This is especially helpful when you have acquired new cars and your garage or backyard can no longer hold them all.

Selling one or two of your older cars is better than letting them rust in their place. If you believe they still have some good miles in front of them, other people surely can benefit more from your old cars than your backyard. Plus, you get extra cash in return.

Sell it to junk car shops

Speaking of getting extra cash from old cars, you can even get some extra good bucks from a junk car you have hidden in your garage or backyard. Perhaps you thought before that it already lost its value because it is already wrecked, so you didn’t think of selling it. Second-hand car shops may not accept such a state in a car, but junk car shops will be glad to take it away from your garage.

Why else would they advertise “We buy junk cars for cash” everywhere-from newspaper ads to online banner ads? You may not get as much, but you will still be offered cash. You can also get rid of a few junk you keep in your house.

Tear down your car and sell its parts as second-hand car parts

If your car, however, is too deformed to become noticed as a car, you can choose to just tear it down and individually sell its car parts. Even the car’s metal parts are capture apart and sold to scrap metal shops. Of course, this will take a lot of effort and work for you. But it will pay in the end if you have high quality car parts to sell.

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