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How to Invent Something


An invention starts from an idea, so if you want to be an inventor, you have to have an idea. Now, everyone out there who is worth his salt have ideas from time to time about almost anything, right? And how come they don’t become inventors? True, but ideas, which lie in your mind, alone, cannot make you an inventor. You have to turn it into something, like a machine or an appliance. And that is the hard work because you will have to make perhaps a prototype and test it out to see whether it works or not.

In most occasions, your so called ‘idea’ can’t work as you have expected. The world is pretty cruel and it will always throw you some barriers here and there. And like most people, you will probably give up your idea in no time. Unless, of course, you are determined enough to fight on. Fortunately, there are a few who had persevered and invented something and along the way, made a name and a fortune for themselves. But is there anything that you can do if you are stuck?

There is, but the way is equally tortuous. Nevertheless, if you are made of meaner stuffs, you can succeed as an inventor. Just imagine, Thomas Edison went through a few hundred times just to make the filament in the light bulb burn right. And he had to try out all sorts of combination of metals to make the filament don’t burn themselves up.  invention ideaFortunately, you don’t have to work so hard as Edison because we do have more technology now, as compared to those early days. And the use to say, just by using a click, you are there. Yes, indeed, in a certain way.

All right, let us assume that you do have a rough idea which you think is an invention. You also went through the process of fixing up a rough prototype for testing purposes. Then you came to this barrier which says that you can’t proceed further. OK, perhaps they need a password and you don’t have one. Never fear, just push on anyway. But how, you may ask? Now, for many ideas to work, you will need to use some form of technology, and you are short on the technology part. One way out is to do more research, and the first place to go is the patent office. Yes, the patent office has the largest accumulation of new ideas and technology! And most of its files are accessible for free online. What are you waiting for then? invention idea

First you have to search for items that are related to the idea that is similar to yours. You will probably find many there. There might be patents granted that has not been produced for the market yet, due to many reasons. But it will give you new ideas to add to your own idea. Like a chain reaction, these new ideas can be incorporated in your invention and once again make your idea move forward. Before you realized it, you are on the way to make that idea of yours work. Put in more fuel and you are on the way. However, ideas take some time to evolve, so don’t expect immediate results. Let it simmer and you will come up with a winner. Good luck with your invention then.



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