Is an English Bulldog The right Dog For you?

Bulldogs are big dogs with great hearts. They are great pets for families with children because they form especially strong bonds with younger people and they’re very gentle with everyone and protective of their families. They have a laid-back nature but are brave enough to fight larger animals French bulldogs for sale. They’re sensitive to their owner’s moods and in fact are often considered clowns! They will go well with the daily walking and some brushing.

The English bulldog can, obviously, traces its heritage all the way back to England. 1568 is the year when bulldogs are first mentioned in documents, Most people believe that English bulldogs were bred in England to be a mix between the pug and the mastiff.

Bulldogs were initially bred to fight with bulls, bears or other animals. Different animals, like bears and bulls the dogs fought against each other, and this was considered a popular sport. When the bulldog fight against a bull, it attempt to latch onto its snout and to suffocate it. The municipality of New york city used bulldogs to round-up the wild bulls from the city in the mid 17-century. They were trained to seize a bull by its snout because it was too dangerous to approach them any other way, and they would hold on long enough for a rope to be secured around the bull’s neck. (It’s interesting to note that bulldogs today cannot perform these tasks anymore – despite being originally bred for it, the breed’s crossing with pugs has shortened the body enough that a bulldog would no longer be able to grip a bull’s snout! ) Today, many schools and teams all over the United states and the united kingdom use a bulldog as their mascots due to their fierce look and exciting history.

The health problems encountered by most of the English bulldogs are related genetically to their ancestors’ breeds. Because of their bulk and the shortness of their muzzle, they often develop an assortment of breathing issues. The famous loudly snoring accompanies these issues. They can also be prone to cysts between the toes which can cause the bulldog a great deal of discomfort. They are also prone to infections of the folds on their face if not regularly cleaned and to the protrusion of the inner eyelid, called “cherry eye” and can be corrected only by a veterinarian. Because of the proportions of their bodies, bulldogs tend to have bowlegged hind legs. Hip dysplasia is also frequent and due to same causes. They are also sensible to heat. They do not do well during overly hot periods so keep them out of the heat as much as possible. Puppy training can be enjoyable, or it can be frustrating. That depends on the type of dog that you own, and your experience in training your pet. Some breeds are known to be easier to train, while some are notorious as hard-to-train pets. If you have already bought your pet, you have little choice but to learn to train and live with your new pet. But if you haven’t purchased a puppy, don’t go running out just yet to buy a pet. Spend some time to consider your options.

First of all, think about the type of pet that you want to have. This is your dream dog. You haven’t bought a dog yet, so now is the time to dream all you want. For instance, you can dream about having a dog that is medium sized, active but with a stable temperament, and it should also be loyal and protective towards you. Most pet owners would love to own such a pet anyway. So let’s take a look at some options.

Bulldogs make excellent pets. Most people judge this animal by its fierce appearance. But the bulldog isn’t an aggressive creature at all. Yes, it can grow aggressive if it feels that its owner is being threatened. But in most situations, it is a sweet nature animal and can get along with almost anyone. And because it has stable emotions, and is not overly active, it is also very easy to train.

Don’t mistake a bulldog that lies around on the couch to be a lazy animal. It just loves leisure. When it’s play time, watch the bulldog go! For sure, it’s not a lazy animal. After a few weeks, with enough training, it can become a very obedient dog, and the perfect companion for the dog owner. But if you want a more athletic dog, perhaps the boxer is a better choice.

Boxers are better looking than bulldogs (that is subjective of course). They are fairly active, and can be great fun to have around. They do not have an aggressive nature, and can be trusted with young children. This animal is endowed with heightened senses, which makes it ideal for performing various practical functions such as search and rescue. The police and military knows how to make full use of the boxer’s senses to help them with their work. But for the average pet owner, know that a boxer can be easily trained to become a guard dog.

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