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Keeping Stress Low With Trips to a Spa Or Massage Shop


I ran across an article about stress, the silent killer… I thought it was so relevant to today’s lifestyle, that we wanted to recap and share it with you.

As most of us know, stress plays a major part in our lives today.

In our new economy many of us will work longer hours, longer work weeks and perhaps even taking on another job to start! Add to that, our children are busy little creatures, too… school functions, after school sports, friends, church activities… and the list goes on.Full Body to Body Massage Center Kalkaji Delhi - Wellness Spa

Many of us have reached the other end of these array and have lost our jobs. That sort of environmental stress is yet a different animal… wondering how we’re going to settle the debts, put food on the table and even buy clothes for those growing kids!

Have you ever thought about the effects 안산출장마사지 all of this pressure can put on your body?

Our bodies interact with stress by throwing into action. The action is done by releasing the body’s hormones and other chemicals that trigger your body to respond a certain way.

For example, if you are traversing the street and you see a speeding car coming at you… the human brain behaves, your adrenal glands release those the body’s hormones, which rev up parts of your muscles, together with your heart and bronchi. Your view and hearing kick into high gear all warning you to get out of the way of these car!

Is your heart still beating in your tonsils only thinking about this? My own is too! Now… that sounds like stress would be our friend… releasing those the body’s hormones we need to react, to protect ourselves, right? Yes, that is correct, but…

The problem is how do we handle that pressure without it taking on our lives?

The old saying a little goes a long way is so true when it comes to handling stress. That type of stress we just talked about with the speeding car? That creates adrenaline that causes our “fear factor” to trigger to get us to safety… that’s a good thing.

But, just as in life, when too much of a good thing for too long is involved… bad thing.

Have you ever been so maxed out over a long period of time that your shoulder muscles burn? Have you ever had a tension headache… you can feel the burning, tight muscles sneaking in the back of your head, climbing over to the brow area?

The consequences of allowing this much stress to build up in your body over long periods of time can be lethal.

The snowball effect…

If you allow the effects of daily, every week, and monthly stresses to build up inside of you… there is a ticking blast just waiting to burst. The consequences can show up as slight as diarrhea or a headache; or, they may be as drastic as a heart attack, stroke or nervous breakdown or even death.

Daily stresses can impact our mental, physical and spiritual wellness. But, it is a manageable problem. Shoot, there are even jobs which have been created to help us manage our stressful situations!

Take a minute…

So, for now, take a minute, sit by and close your eyes. Take a deep inhale, hold it for a minute, now blow out. Relax… and repeat that short little exercise.

When you feel your shoulder muscles hunching up and beginning burn… remember… stand up, stretch, walk around the office for a minute.

When you sit down, close your eyes, inhale in, hold it, inhale out and relax….

I challenge you to get as much exercise as you can, inhale, relax and break the habit creating the tension in your life.

Start the morning with a big stretch.
Be aware of what you are allowing to create that stressful feeling
put a limit on it
take the sky, stretch, close your eyes, take a deep inhale, hold it, then inhale out
imagine yourself on a empty beach, cool breezes wasting, as the warm waters clapboard at your feet, relax… read a book, play a round of golf, take a frolic in the water
Relieve your stress now!

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