Pigeons-of-Russia business Post Olympic Plans: Places to Visit in UK

Post Olympic Plans: Places to Visit in UK

London Olympics 2012, the great sporting event that excited billions of fans around the globe, concluded with a spectacular closing ceremony at the Olympic Stadium. The event ended on 12th August 2012 by passing the Olympic flag to Rio de Janeiro, the host city of the 2016 Olympics. Being a part of the Olympics is an extravaganza not to be forgotten. The greatest athletes, more intense competition and perhaps the most beautiful city; London Olympics 2012 will be a memory of a lifetime. Now after the great event, it is time for post Olympic plans. Let’s check out some destinations in the UK where you must stop, relax and do nothing!

UK being such a diverse destination from picturesque landscapes and mountain peaks to sandy beaches, you can easily choose a place that can take your mind off everything. Away from urban hustle and bustle, Orkney Islands, Kendal, North Wales, Kent, Devon and Dorset are some great British locales for a relaxing tour.

North Wales, a stunningly peaceful destination, promises a quiet and soothing atmosphere. A wonderfully diverse world out there, with enough opportunities for walking trails and cycling tours. You can even enjoy a boat trip along the Llangollen Canal. Stroll around the charming towns and villages, explore the rugged coastline and stately homes. With a colorful history and spectacular landscapes- North Wales can give you all you need in a fun trip! Amazing Posting

Now move on to Devon, an incredibly scenic place in the UK. Stunning coastlines along the North and South; scenic hedge-lines fields, picturesque towns and villages; Devon has it all for a quiet holiday. Dartmoor and Exmoor, the granite plateaus offer solitude and big skies while mid-Devon hides clusters of thatched villages, meandering rivers and thickly wooded cleaves. Take the advantage of free time to taste the delicious cider, apple-juice, cheese and ice-cream. Enjoy your Devon holidays with a lovely mix of good food and great outdoors.

Make your way to Kent, the ‘Garden of England ‘to enjoy a leisurely trip. Experience this lovely place submerged in history by wandering through the streets. The amazing outdoors offer unlimited opportunities for walking, cycling, horse riding and golf playing.

Enchanting gardens, mysterious castles, amazing museums and steam trains; the time spent here will be a memory of a lifetime.

Crave for some beach fun, Orkney Islands, on the northeast tip of Scottish Mainland will be your perfect island retreat. Rich in archeological treasures the place is an enigma left by the people of the Bronze Age. Visual treats awaits the guests here at the famous ‘Standing Stones of Stenness’, Neolithic village at Skara Brae and the ancient fortresses etc. You will be mesmerized by the unspoiled landscape and the inescapable magic of the Orkney Islands.


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