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Vampire Academy season 1 episode 1 Recap: A New Era Perhaps



After the tragic demise of her parents and brother Andre, Moroi vampire Lissa Dragomir has to continue without her beloved family. Luckily, she has her best friend Rose Hathaway, a Dhampir guardian, by her side, as well as the support of the Moroi queen.

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The episode starts with Lissa and Rose getting ready for the Queen’s party at St. Vladimir’s Academy. Rose remarks that she looks like a macaroon, and Lissa gives her tiara to her friend, saying she now looks like a princess. 4khotmovies is a websites to watch movies online free sites and you can also download seasons like vampire academy tv series from this site

Once Rose gives Lissa back her tiara, Lissa says that she’s the one who looks like a macaroon and that Rose looks beautiful. Rose, of course, counters that they both look beautiful and reveals the boots she’s wearing under her dress.As Lissa, Rose, and the rest of St. Vladimir’s get ready for the Queen; she gives a speech thanking everyone for showing up to celebrate her 200th birthday. This will be her last birthday as Queen.She says their Strigoi enemy is strong, but the Moroi are stronger and safe thanks to their Dhampir guardians.

A royal Moroi named Victor Dashkov arrives at the party with his daughters Sonya and Mia Karp. They are not royal, though Mia remarks that it won’t be for long.Lissa tells Rose that once she and her family greet the Queen, they can have some fun. The Dragomirs do just that, and the Queen reveals that she wants Lissa’s brother Andre to be her successor.Victor walks up and says there needs to be an election, but the Queen insists that it would only be a formality and that Andre will be King. Rose remarks to Lissa that Mia lost her prince, as Lissa’s brother Andre is nowhere to be found.


As Rose and Lissa enjoy the party, guardians near the gates fight Strigoi vampires and call for backup. Luckily, the threat is neutralized thanks to the extra Dhampir guardian support.Lissa and Rose leave the party in a car with Lissa’s entire family. Andre reveals that he and Mia are engaged.Once they marry, Mia will get what she wants: to be a royal. Rose says she hates admitting it, but Andre will make a great King.


Andre wants to create peace in the Dominion adding that he will have his pick of guardians as King, but Lissa wants Rose to be her guardian. When she toasts her family and Rose, tragedy strikes.

They are all in a car accident.

Vampire Academy season 1 episode 1: Back from the dead?

Three months later, Lissa is seen laying flowers at her parents’ and Andre’s graves saying she doesn’t know how to say goodbye and that she’ll love them forever. She tells Victor that she’s ready to return to St. Vladimir’s.


Victor comes up and warns Lissa away from Christian since his parents chose to turn Strigoi. Lissa adds that his parents’ actions aren’t Christian’s fault.

But Victor says she can’t afford to have the Church against her and that choosing to be a Strigoi is a sin. Lissa tells Victor that she and Rose will be leaving soon anyway.

Victor counters that what she wants and what she has to do might be far apart, echoing Andre’s words slightly before the accident. This makes Lissa panic, and Rose, sensing Lissa’s feelings, loses her fight with Mason.

Victor tells his daughter Mia to give Lissa her family’s necklace back and that the Queen has big plans for Lissa. Meanwhile, Rose finds Lissa, whose hand is burning from being in the sun.As Rose is discussing the email from her mother and her and Lissa’s plans for the future with Mason, the Queen calls for her. She asks Rose why Lissa is so important to her.

Rose responds that Lissa keeps her heart in the right place; praising Lissa’s kindness and compassion. She tells the Queen that Lissa is her family.At a party, the Queen is ready to announce her successor. She announces that Lissa will be the next Queen and everyone, Lissa included, is shocked.Rose feels her friend’s feelings yet again and wakes up, hyperventilating. She goes to look out the window and seems to see the events through Lissa’s eyes.


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